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 Dating un USA
This is the point that the track skips in my mind? How the fuck is any guy supposed to respond to that? “You got me, I was slumming it tonight and usually bang way better looking girls than you?” The thing was that up until that point I thought she was attractive enough. But as soon as she said that her hot index just plummeted. Another girl I was seeing openly admitted to me that she usually felt like she was the less attractive girl among her friends. At the time I had no clue what her friends looked like since I hadn’t met them yet but as soon as she said that I thought to myself, “shit I’m dating the ugly one” again up until then I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her. This is a common theme among girls where fishing for compliments completely backfires. A beta guy will hit her up with some gay Bruno Mars shit and tell her she’s amazing just the way she is. A real man will immediately realize that he can upgrade. Like a girl who makes excuses for an abusive boyfriend she’s in love with, guys make excuses for girls they want to keep banging but might not be to the highest standards. We lie to ourselves all the time, yeah she’s a little chubby but her face is so cute and she gives great head. Her lazy eye makes her quirky. Her ass is flat but she’s got tiggs for days. It goes on and on. Or maybe we honestly didn’t notice the flaw, yet. But the moment a girl says something about it for some reason that flaw will be the biggest things we notice about them.

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 Double Dating
This goes double for bring up the fact that guys have used you as a pump and dump before in your past. If I had a dime for every time I thought about getting serious with a girl only to hear her say something along the lines of, “you’re not a player are you, I’m tired of guys using me for sex and nothing more”. At best a girl who says this comes off looking like she is habitually pumped and dumped at worse she comes off looking like a former slut. In either case no guy wants to wife up the girl every other guy before him has just fucked and left. It amazes me how easy girls sabotage themselves without even knowing.

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 Online Dating Game
You can catch me on any given night and through the night I’m talking to a 5, 6, 7 or even a 10. If you watch closely and notice my mannerism, enthusiasm, and facial gestures you’ll notice a common theme. IF you listen to the subject between each different type of girl you’ll still notice the same thing. That is my game is exactly the same. I spit with the same energy weather I’m talking to a mudturtle or late night basement supermodel. Why? Because it takes the same amount of game to build attraction to both types of girls. I notice a lot of guys while I’m out in the field put in the bare minimum or barely run their best game if an unattractive girl strikes up a question with them or if they’re forced to wingman and get stuck with the uglier girl in the set. They say one or two words then totally shut down because the girls not that cute. But as soon as the hottest girl in the joint is available to talk to, they open them and find that they really don’t have much to say or are able to keep the conversation going beyond the girl being polite to them.

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 Online Dating Rules
The truth is that your dating game should be beyond your sexual intent of what you want to do to the girl you’re just talking to at the moment. You should be always spitting game to the point that conversation just turns to auto pilot. The problem with saving your best material and energy for the better looking girls and avoiding talking to girls you deem not cute enough is that your lack of conversational skills will show. Within seconds the hot girl will be able to tell that you’re not used to talking to a girl of her status yet alone pulling a girl like her. You’ll smile too much, rush your jokes, ask too many questions and just come off as eager. Finally when it’s your turn to talk about yourself, you really won’t have much to say. What you think cause you’ve learned a little something something about game you can just step in the ring with Ali? Bitch you will get knocked the fuck out. The number one advice I could give to people trying to learn game is “PAY YOUR DUES”. Yeah, I’m talking about practice

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